Monday, January 11, 2010

Forest Project

The three final products of one very educational semester. For our audiences not acquainted with the assignment, three paintings were to be made based on forests in each of three different Shakespeare plays each with three distinct moods. They were Macbeth, As You Like It, and A Midsummer Nights Dream.

Burnam wood
I really like this one because it is the closest to the original shape comp that I did. Really did a lot of research on the particular textures for this painting because of the crowded foreground.

Arden wood
I think 99% of everybody says this one is their favorite. I don't really see why but my eyes have been dulled from staring at these things for weeks. I do like the colors in the background a lot.

nameless mystery forest
I tried really hard to get a particular ambiance and sense of place in this piece though I had to fight through some barriers like a clunkier composition. My favorite concept of the three.

I am pretty happy with how things turned out here over all. I tried really hard to use (and maybe abuse) the sense of space in the three paintings so that they were notably different locations. I tried my best to push color as far as I could though I think there are still places to work on. I do wish I worked in color pallets for each that were more dissimilar as there are a lot of greens and golds in all three but I think the color was used differently enough to really define the different moods.

(also these are photographs of the paintings so some of the colors and blacks look weird despite a run through in photoshop)